Furniture Upholstery

Furniture Upholstery

Choosing the right look for your upholstered furniture can be a daunting task, Visum Tech has made it easier with a huge selection of upholstery material. The technicians will analyze repairs that is needed for a complete furniture recovering which include: frame repair, foam replacement, spring webbing and tying, cushion fillers, panel replacement and other repair services. Get your furniture reupholstered with custom fabrics to maintain a fresh new look.

Visum Tech provide professional reupholstery services with the best vast and unique craftsmanship in the industry we offer the best client based services in the market. Why give up on your comfortable sofa, when you can change the exterior or make a new slipcover to dress your sofa? You might be tempted to trash it and pick up a new piece. At Visum Tech, we prevent this unnecessary trash and will transform your piece into a one-of-a-kind treasure.  Our furniture upholstery services will make your piece look brand new.

We are competitively priced and pride ourselves in our excellent service and workmanship in town. Call us today for free estimate and quotation.

Some of the amazing benefits of using our upholstery services include:

  1. Affordability – Our experts can make your piece appear brand new – all at an affordable price. It is often much cheaper to repair your existing furniture and spruce it up at our furniture upholstery shop than to buy new furniture.
  1. New look – We breathe new life into your old furniture pieces by reinforcing their support and adding new upholstery fabric. Our goal is to make your furniture look like a brand-new piece of furniture.
  2. Quality – Older furniture was built to last. Our furniture upholstery services let you keep your sturdy furniture and add many years to is lifetime so that you don’t have to replace it with cheaper knock-offs. We treat every furniture piece with respect and help restore its integrity.
  3. Customization – You can bring in the fabric you want to use or select from our premium fabric options that are designed to last. We choose durable materials that avoid rips or tears.

Contact us today for a free estimate and quotation to get started on your custom project.  We are a business committed to helping you achieve your design goals.