Medical Upholstery


Visum Tech offers Upholstery Services for the healthcare market. We specifically cater for upholstering services like; examination tables, dental chairs and medical clinics chairs and tables, hospitals chairs and table, veterinary clinics facilities, physical therapy tables, chiropractic tables, massage tables, and more. Over time the medical facilities receive constant wear and tear on their exam tables, procedure chairs, stools, machines and other furniture. Why considers Upholstery? Your facility can develop unattractive cracks and tears, which can pose health risks and portray an unprofessional and ugly appearance to your business. Your facility is also at risk of being cited during your next inspection visit. Visum Tech uses the technology that can help keep your examining tables and other medical upholstery in excellent aesthetic state and functional shape, usually at a low cost.

Just because your exam tables or your physical therapy equipment has a torn upholstery section doesn’t mean you need a new exam table or equipment! Why not use the Visum tech re-upholstery service to give your couch or equipment a new lease of life? With different colors to choose from, you can change the look of the entire facility room!

We can upholster your equipment with new material designs for your daily medical use, usually at a lower cost than what the original manufacturer would charge for replacement. Talk/visit us today, as all of this can be done at your facility.