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Automotive and Marine Upholstery

Keep your modern or vintage cars, and boats look clean and pristine with a custom upholstering from Visum Tech. We repair and customize auto car interior seats covers allowing the client to customize from a diverse catalogue of fabrics/textiles. Are you looking for an automobile/marine upholstery near you?

Visum Tech will come to you, and our good customer-oriented service is always our goal, our vast industrial experience in the automotive and marine means will provide you with great workmanship to you.

You can expect the best from our techs and also the best craftsmanship with professionalism. Whether you are an individual or a business or a dealership, we will come to you and expect excellent craftsmanship from our techs. Call us today for a free estimate and quotation

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Furniture Upholstery

Choosing the right look for your upholstered furniture can be a daunting task, Visum Tech has made it easier with a huge selection of upholstery material. The technicians will analyze repairs that is needed for a complete furniture recovering which include: frame repair, foam replacement, spring webbing and tying, cushion fillers, panel replacement and other repair services. Get your furniture reupholstered with custom fabrics to maintain a fresh new look.

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Commercial Furniture

Apart from Medical Restaurants and Gyms, Visum Tech also services the Hotels, Golf Clubs, and corporations. Club chair, corporate lounge furniture. Visum Tech will work with you to custom design or reupholster your existing furniture.

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Visum Tech offers Upholstery Services for the healthcare market. We specifically cater for upholstering services like; examination tables, dental chairs and medical clinics chairs and tables, hospitals chairs and table, veterinary clinics facilities, physical therapy tables, chiropractic tables, massage tables, and more. Over time the medical facilities receive constant wear and tear on their exam tables, procedure chairs, stools, machines and other furniture. Why considers Upholstery? Your facility can develop unattractive cracks and tears, which can pose health risks and portray an unprofessional and ugly appearance to your business. Your facility is also at risk of being cited during your next inspection visit. Visum Tech uses the technology that can help keep your examining tables and other medical upholstery in excellent aesthetic state and functional shape, usually at a low cost.

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Mattress Inspection

Visum Tech provide in-home warranty inspection service to the bedding industry. Our Services is for warranty for all mattress makes and models with guidelines of the specific manufacturer. We check the overall condition of the mattress, generate detailed reports to assist our clients in distinguishing between defective and non-defective bedding as well as to reduce the return of non-defective bedding products.

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Visum Upholstery has been replacing vinyl on fitness facilities for years now. We use nothing but the highest quality materials, and our upholstery procedure is guaranteed to minimize downtime. If your gym equipment or your physical therapy equipment suffers from torn, punctured, worn-out, or just plain ugly pads, then we have some good news for you.

We can upholster your gym equipment, usually at a cost far lower than what the original manufacturer would charge for replacement. Plus, all of this can be done at your facility. Call us today, or professionally-train technicians are waiting, and they are mobile and can come to you.

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